Monday, 6 April 2015

Sun Country Charter Have Begun Flights Between NYC and Havana

An aircraft glorified with the Sun Country Airlines symbol on Tuesday 17th March 2015, became the first to fly nonstop from New York to Havana aback President Obama returned diplomacy with Cuba in the month of last December.

Mendota Heights – based Sun Country is not offering commercial services, so tourists won’t find direct other than Sun Country Airlines Cheap Flights on the company’s website. As an alternative, the airlines rents its 737-800 jets to trip operator Cuba Travel – Services for each flight. The number of flights is still marked with the Sun Country’s ‘SY’ title code.

The round trip ticket from Kennedy Airport to Havana covers airfare, Cuban medical insurance and US departure taxes and the expense is just $849. The Sun Country plane started around 7:00 pm. Minnesota time after a two hour delay in New York, showcasing a new chapter in the swiftly emerging transit options between the US and Cuba.

Sun Country Airlines started experimenting with the Cuban charters almost two years ago by offering two or three daily shuttles from stunning Miami to various other Cuban airports.

George Hamlin, an airline consultant in Virginia exclaimed that the nature of Sun Country’s business is that they have to take opportunities when they can get them. He as well added that if new, less market appears, Sun Country Airlines cheap flights have to get in there even if it doesn’t make you maximum money right away. Sun Country Airlines has the elasticity and the cost structure to do this, and obviously doesn’t disagree with its name.

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